Sunday, September 13, 2009

Steelhead Report from Skeena Country

Got a report back from good friend of the shop, Scott R., who was fishing the Bulkley and Morice this past week. Water temps were around 11-13 degrees. Clarity was good on sunday, while overnight rains Tue-Wed decreased vis during week to a low of 1-1.5ft for Thursday. Some dry fly action Sunday, rest of week required sink tips and rabbit/marabou flies.

All fish were fresh and hot.
Very few anglers first full week of Sept, lots on the road heading in as I left

While he didn't have any steelhead photos to send me, most anglers who have fished by themselves understand the difficulty in getting a photo of a steelhead without a helping hand. Thanks Scott!

Sounds like a great time up there already, be sure to stop by the shop. We've got some new steelhead flies in, and getting more in the next week.

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