Friday, September 4, 2009

Life is full of ups and downs!!!!!

For those of you who fish the Bow to any extent you may have noticed the insane level fluctuations this summer. Since early July we keep seeing as much as 20% rises and drops in water levels. This is of course controlled by the Bearspaw Dam.

Obviously this pretty much messes up the minds of our Bow River Trout. Picture yourself lounging around home, having a snack and a cold drink, and some idiot removes the top floor of your house. This will likely ruin your day.

This not only gets annoying for those of us that make our living taking people fishing on the river but also for those of you who finally get the day off you've been waiting for to go fishing only to find a severe fluctuation has messed up your day.

If you're tired of the epileptic way Transalta regulates flows and would like to see a more buffered change in levels, feel free to e-mail the following individuals:
Paul Harper, Fish Habitat Biologist, Alberta District, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Steven Mathyk, Compliance/Approvals Section, Alberta Environment

The only way we'll ever get them to act more sensibly with flows is if they hear from you!

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