Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Bow River Report –June 15, 2011

Things were shaping up quite nicely at the end of last week. Water turning green, levels dropping, and then….hellfire and brimstone rain on Saturday.

The river came up significantly on Sunday. I went and fished for a while yesterday and it had come down a bunch and had improved to about 4-6 inch visibility. There is lots of flow right now so slower water is the key.

Basically, I would suggest that coverage is paramount right now. You need to put the fly right in front of their face. This means flies fished very deep in the water column, and not too fast.

For streamers, go big and black. As much as it pains me, I would have to suggest the best way to catch fish right now is with big nymph rigs like Stoneflies and San Juan Worms.

Don’t worry, things will start to shape up. Once we get a little stabilization with anything approaching a foot of visibility it will get very good!

Hatches: Caddis, Small Stoneflies

Streamers: ¼ Pound Bugger-Brown #4, Clouser Deep Minnow-Black #2, Geek Leech-Purple #4, Darth Zonker-Black #2, Bush’s Town Run, Dirk Wiggler-Black, Articulated leech-Black, Jawbreaker-Black, Party Boy-Black

Nymphs: Reese’s Pieces #8, San Juanabe Worm #6, Morrish Conestone-Golden #6, Morrish WMD-Golden Stone #8, Gob-O-Worms

Dry Flies: Not likely! Need a little more visibility, little less water.

Crowsnest River Report – June 15, 2011
Kevin and George took a road trip down south on Monday to check things out. Lots of Salmonfly shucks on the bridges at the Crow.
Visibility at highway 3 was about 8 inches. If you fish the higher stretches you should see a lot better visibility.
The level was very high!
Hatches: Salmonflies
Streamers: Brunette Leech, Chamois Leech.
Nymphs: Pheasant-Tail, Hare's Ear, Copper John, Tung Stud, and San Juan Worm
Dries: Hopper-Popper-Golden #6, Chenobyl Ant-Brown/Tan #6, Berrett’s Mutant Stone #6
High Country River Report – June 15, 2011
East Slopes open tomorrow. Sounds like some are fairly clear in their highest reaches but very high and cold. Highwood was about 12 inches visibility at Longview on Monday.
Might be a streamer and nymph thing for at least a couple of weeks.
Hatches:  ?
Streamers:  Darth Zonker-Black #4, Hare Sculpin #2
Nymphs:  Morrish Conestone-Golden # 6, Bitch Creek #6, Stream-A Stone, B/H prince Nymph #14
Dries:  ???


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