Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snow Pack and Runoff

Been a ton of talk of late about how high the Bow is running. Even had a gentleman in the shop yesterday say the river would be out until August, maybe September.

What we are seeing right now is perfect. We haven't seen a substantial runoff since 2005 and the river needs it . The snowpack, albeit on the high side of historical average, is coming down exactly mirroring average conditions. We may see higher water for a little longer than an average year but some of you might rememeber past years where higher water meant some pretty awesome fishing.

In my opinion, the worst conditions are like we saw last year, almost no flushing runoff with low water by mid-July.
Personally, it could run up in the grass until August and it wouldn't bother me much. In the next few weeks, barring any monsoon conditions or ridiculous heat, the river will start to clear more. As it gets to about 12 inches of visiblity and better you may find it fishes pretty damn good!

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