Saturday, June 18, 2011

In The Spirit Of Acccuracy!

Some of you might have seen the e-mail blitz from Avalon Fishing Centres about the "Record 200th Permit" caught this past May.

Thought it might be time for a little truth in advertising.....

Albeit there is no doubt they have landed 200 Permit at Cayo Largo, pretty much all on the "Avalon Fly", I'm not sure how this is a record.

Keep in mind that this total was achieved over the last 2 years. An example that takes Avalon's proclamation down a notch would be The Palometa Club, in Punta Allen, Mexico. They landed over 150 Permit THIS SEASON! 

And that is in a season that consists of a lodge opening from January 1 to early June!

Palometa Club operates with 6 skiffs max, same as Cayo Largo!

Cayo Largo operates for 10 months of the year, not 5 and a half.

Palometa Club also recorded their 500th landed Permit this past spring. After only opening in 2006.

Don't get me wrong, I have fished Cayo Largo a number of times, really enjoy it, and have seen a ton of Permit there, but the advertising kind of infers that it's the only game in town for Permit when there are some pretty smokin' Permit spots in Belize, Mexico, and Florida. (I used Palometa Club as just one example of one of the better).

Enough of my ponderous ranting while it rains......

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